MQTT Manager

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This container bundles mosquitto with MQTT Manager. Mosquitto is an open source message broker that implements the MQTT protocol. MQTT Manager provides a REST service to update mosquitto access control list (ACL) and TLS options easily and ‘on the fly’.

How to build

The recommended way to build MQTT Manager is to build a Docker image:

docker build -t mqtt-manager .

If you’d like to run it by hand, MQTT Manager has the following dependencies (these packages are related to Ubuntu. Other Linux distributions might have different names for them):

  • python-openssl
  • python-pip

And there are a few other dependencies from pip:

  • flask
  • requests
  • kafka

There are a few things that must be moved around in order to flask properly find them. You can check the Dockerfile to find out what they are and where do they should go.

How to run

All MQTT Manager and mosquitto dependencies should be automatically downloaded and configured when building the container.

If running in standalone mode (without Docker and other elements from dojot’s docker-compose), check the entrypoint script.

Both methods depend on a running instance of EJBCA-REST.